I had the pleasure of working with Celia on a specialized marketing piece. I came to her with a tight time frame and a myriad of ideas. Celia did a great job at talking me through the possibilities and getting me focused on what really mattered.  Her ability to narrow my thoughts brought about a beautiful brochure that I take great pride in presenting to my customers. Celia is an expert at materializing your thoughts into a creative reality I highly recommend her and look forward to working together on many more projects.Beth Majersky, Simply Be Coaching & Retreats
“I love NAWBO Louisville’s website! It’s is one of the easiest to navigate and easiest use I’ve ever run across. Thank you for your fast response time any time we had a problem or question!”Lawren Just - President, NAWBO Louisville
“Celia is wonderful! Our website is so much better to use. Thank you so much. You are truly the best!”

Ellen Reitmeyer - Executive Director, NAWBO Louisville

Two words: CELIA ROCKS!

I turned to Celia Triplett of Marketing Mechanics and asked her what I thought would be a simple question… “How do I attach a blog to my website so that it is not www.RandomBlogSite.com /impersonal#95837 NoOneWillRemember?”

To which she replied, “I suggest you let me completely makeover your website!”

While at first it seemed a bit drastic, I knew she was right. With extreme trepidation at an incredibly busy time and a very critical time in the promotion of my business, I cautiously agreed.

Now, I am so glad that I did!

In less than three weeks Celia designed a logo, completely revamped my website, and did that one “simple” thing I asked in the beginning of seamlessly attaching a blog to my website. Talk about an extreme website makeover!

I repeat: CELIA ROCKS!

Celia took my mediocre website and transformed it into the spectacular web presence it is today which rivals that of any Fortune 500 company. My new website completely raises the bar of my business and more accurately represents the international brand that my company has evolved to today.

I love my new logo, the website looks phenomenal, and I got what I wanted… a blog attached to my website. Most importantly, I got all of this with zero downtime (my biggest fear!).

My clients are so impressed and so am I! I cannot thank you enough, Celia!

They say the third time is the charm: CELIA ROCKS!!!

Pamela Mattei – Owner, DyeSigns By Pamela

“Marketing Mechanics can help you like they helped me! I was a mess trying to figure out how to do my own marketing on the cheap. After all, I’m a savvy business owner and I should be able to design my own marketing materials right? Clearly not. You should take a look at some of my “before” and “after” examples – ask them to show you – I’m sure they’re on file. I’m horrified to admit that I actually designed the “before” products.

My clients are especially impressed with my brand-new logo (designed by Marketing Mechanics) and the lovely new website to show it off. MM even showed me how to write and post my own blogs on the website so I don’t have to wait for 3 months (or 6) to get enough material and time to issue a newsletter. Even a dinosaur like me was able to learn blogging (with a bit of hand-holding!)”Jennifer James - CEO, Environmental Compliance Source

“Celia created a logo for my new business, Work Van Media. She was very easy to work with, providing me with several basic options before developing a custom look for my business. She listened to my feedback at every step and provided very quick turnaround on updated options.

My logo was ready to go ahead of schedule. I would recommend Celia to my colleagues and clients and would use her for future graphic design needs.”

Allison Brown - Founder, Work Van Media

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At first, I was hesitant, even though I already knew that Celia is a good, honest person who is skilled and conscientious. Cost is always a consideration for me (maybe it is for you, too), but in this case my biggest concern was how it would look. One of the services I offer is creating websites and blogs for clients, and I wondered how it would look if I had someone help me with my own site, www.harshmanservices.com

What I found, though, was that it was a great idea to outsource the parts that I’m not as good at, such as the graphics for the header and logo, and focus on what I do best (content and editing). Celia’s skills just blew me away, and it wasn’t just her art skills. She was able to understand exactly what I wanted, and quickly, the way I do with my clients. I just don’t see that very often. I didn’t need to meet with her in person (which most Creatives require), which makes it possible for people all over the world to work with her. I didn’t even need to spend a lot of time talking on the phone or emailing. I told her what I wanted, the message I wanted to send, and she came up with a concept that I loved and was able to test.

I recommend working with Celia at Marketing Mechanics because she’s talented, timely, and trustworthy.

  • She’s talented. You can put it in her hands and relax, knowing it will be done well. Not only is she great with art, she’s great at understanding the client and the client’s needs, and at delivering what’s needed.
  •  She’s timely. It will be done on schedule. She even completed my project faster than I had expected. It was just one more way Celia wowed me.
  •  She’s trustworthy. She had access to my data and passwords connected with my website, and kept all of it secure, accessing only what she needed to in order to get the job done.

I normally don’t include my phone number or email address when I send in a testimonial, but I recommend Celia Triplett so strongly that I’m willing to answer questions people might have about my experience working with her. Call 618-315-4036 or email Jennifer@HarshmanServices.com

Jennifer Harshman – Owner, Harshman Services

“I began working with Celia by asking for feedback on a logo project I had been working on.

Her advice was prompt and direct, which I am grateful for.

I continued working with her by asking her for graphic work for my website banner. I think she knew what “look” I wanted for my business even though I did not articulate it well. Not only did she deliver promptly on my initial request, she mocked up a banner that truly represents what I was looking for all along. Edits were prompt and she fixed a glitch on my website that would not allow the artwork to show well. Wow is all I can say.

Thanks so much Marketing Mechanics.”

Eric Haselhorst - Owner, Rockin H Farm Toys
“Having reached the point of despair trying to come up with a suitable logo by myself, I contacted Celia Triplett of Marketing Mechanics for some help and advice.

Not only was Celia able to help me expand upon my goals and target audience for the project as a whole but she also very quickly understood exactly what I was trying to achieve with the logo design and branding.

After discussing everything with me Celia very promptly put together a truly excellent logo design that managed properly encapsulate the key aims of the project. On top of all that she was very thorough in providing me with all the resources and information I required to make rebranding across multiple media an absolute breeze instead of the painful process it would otherwise have been!

I’m utterly thrilled with all the help and advice I received from Marketing Mechanics and I cannot recommend them enough!

A truly personal, professional service!”Matt Stoolman - Owner, Game Hive

“Marketing Mechanics did a spectacular job with my Landscape business website .  I had tried to create my own website for my business and realized that I needed to have it done professionally. Celia did a wonderful job at walking me thru the process of creating the site and show casing our strengths as a business.

I would highly recommend Marketing Mechanics to anyone in business and especially to those who are in the beginning stages of starting their own company.”Charles Richardson - Owner, Allscapes Landscape and Design

“Celia has a great attitude and creative spirit. She goes above and beyond the original concept to bring a final product that is something that she is proud to put her name to and you’ll be happy to utilize.”Rosanne Zabloudil - Louisville, KY

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