Thank You

ThankyouIt costs nothing, but it can mean the world. An honest thankfulness for your  customers, vendors, partners can empower friendships and be the start of something new.

Or not.

So many marketers have harped on the concept of being thankful towards customers that they consider it another tool of manipulation. As such, juts saying ‘thank you’ can often come off as in-genuine, fake, and slimy.  Like you want something out of them.

So when and how is thankfulness good marketing and when and how is it bad manipulation?


Bad thankfulness can be seen a mile away. It’s the thank you at the drive-thru window or the bank teller. It’s the printed out database card on your birthday. It’s the boss wandering by saying thanks as rote, not really caring or acknowledging why they are thankful.


When you see something astounding and thank people for it specifically. When you write with your hand, not with a pre-printed label. Genuine thankfulness comes when you readjust how you look at the world and decide there is something to appreciate from every single person you meet. When you actively seek it, even if it’s a small thing, you’ll be able to show your thankfulness genuinely because.. it –is- genuine!

I personally have cards and letters of thanks from years past. We remember these things. But if you want to give the most powerful thanks of all, try this:

When at a gathering, praise the person openly, pointedly and specifically. Tell your friends and colleague how proud you are or amazed you are for this person. Let them bask in your sincere appreciation.

I was privy to this amazing, rare treat last month when a customer happened to meet me during a networking event. She began to brag on me like no-body’s business and darned if that didn’t make me want to hug her to pieces. (And yes, naturally I send her a handwritten note after the event saying just that!)

This is the month of thankfulness. It’s a great time to take stock of where you are. Are you being thankful in a real way? Can you be? Make a list of five things or people you’re thankful for every day. Consider it a challenge! Soon you’ll be realizing all the things we so often take for granted.

When people feel appreciated they often reciprocate (but this should never be the purpose of your being appreciative). It’s an excellent habit of integrity that can result in big marketing wins.

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