Thank You

Marketing doesn’t stop after a sale. Sometimes that’s just the beginning. Take this note card I saved when I moved into my last apartment. I found it sitting on my kitchen counter the day I moved it. It was bright, cheerful and handwritten.  This wasn’t a small apartment complex either!

It doesn’t stop there either. Their team is extremely responsive. The first few checks I wrote I forgot to put our apartment number on them, but they already knew me by name and didn’t have any problem filing away the payments correctly. Every time I saw one of them they’d greet me by name again and even ask after my family. When there were problems, they were quick and helpful about it.

Additionally, they went to the trouble of creating a monthly newsletter with a calendar on the back. This had the benefit of being a reminder for people to pay their rent and when the grace period for that ends, as well as a great way for the apartment dwellers to know what’s going on – such as when a jogging path or a fenced in dog park was created or when the staff firmly put their foot down about people letting their dogs run around without leashes which was against the apartment’s rules.

So, when a cousin called to know if this was a good place to live what do you think I told them? Do you think I raved about its good points for a referral bonus from the staff? I didn’t even get a bonus; I told it like it was because I wanted to look out for my cousin. My reference was the most powerful most valuable marketing the apartment could buy – and it was long, long after the sale was complete.

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