Thanks to the Authors

MarketingMechanics_ColorI’ve read a lot of self-development, business and marketing books over the years. For a few years I was reading so much I was having problems retaining the information. You might notice that my library section is filled with links to book reviews so that I would retain more of what I was reading.  (Definitely check it out!)

I would like to take some time today to thank some of the many authors who helped guide me on my path.

Seth Godin, for inspiring change and shouting from the mountain tops like my own personal cheerleader.

Anne Lamott, for revealing what a “real” writer experiences. The humanity in your short book Bird by Bird made writing feel possible.

Dr. Henry Cloud, for delving psychologically into the boundaries we allow to be violated and how to escape the brutal cycle of emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical abuse. (It was also great it reminding me I should always set healthy boundaries with clients!)

John Maxwell, for simplifying what it means to be a leader.

John Janstch, for turning marketing on its head and showing how we can all trim the ‘fat of traditional advertising strategies.

Markus Buckinghan, for clarifying my strengths and ignoring my weaknesses.

Bob Burg & John David Mann, for making me cry and writing the most re-read sales book in my collection.

David Allen, for organizing the chaos.

Jim Collins, for asking questions that got into the reality of success.

Zig Ziglar, for giving hope, instilling integrity and demanding greatness. My biggest cheerleader and I never got to meet this amazing man.

Dale Carnegie, for paving the way with leadership and relationship advice that remains as poignant and timeless as the day it was written.

Brene Brown, for being brave and reminding us courage is all about the willingness to be vulnerable.

Malcolm Gladwell, for giving me a reason to keep going to reach my special 10,000 hour mark of greatness.

Michael Gerber, for simplifying the business owning process and proving that none of us truly know all of what we’re doing here in this world – so don’t be afraid!

Thomas Peters, for turning a blog into a book and inspiring my own blog-book idea.

Dave Ramsey who got me on the track to be debt-free and came into my life early enough that I started my business debt-free too!

Jon Acuff, for being there when I really wanted to quit and stopping me from doing something very stupid I’d regret later. Your book came at a rough time for me. It was more comfort than a gallon of ice cream.

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