The Emotion of Color: Blue

Refreshing, the color of dreams, blue offers a lot of potential with its diversity.  Mixed with various other shades it can represent fluidity, youth, aspiration and more.


Blue’s Emotional Effect

Dark blues like navy have nearly the same steadying, trust worthy effect of brown.  Mixing blue with white and black to make a gray-blue offers a softer soothing appeal.   Both of these darker variations not only say trust, but also say ‘we mean business.  The professionalism of dark blue is why nearly every political campaign sign you’ll see come election day has a dark blue-gray as it’s main color.

What I love about blue is its ability, when lightened, to represent idealism and potential.  A light blue means birth, flight, dreaming and brings to mind the endless sky. If you want to appear to have a soft side, a light blue may just be the way.

Mixing Blue with Other Colors

Dark navy, as politicians have discovered, goes well with rich red highlights.  It is also refreshed by a bright orange or playful yellow.  Light blues go well with other pastels like purple or green.


Designer Challenge: Find three blue designs that appeal to you and put them in a book to reference the next time you’re looking for colors that give the right emotional pull.

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