The Funny Bone: Cute Works

Writer’s Note: Because of what my friend calls an atavistic impulse, I will be away from any technology for the next few days.  Please forgive the lapse in articles. I’ve got plenty more for you when I get back from camping and sailing!


Everyone likes a good laugh.  If you do your marketing well enough to genuinely hit someone’s funny bone, you’ve hit a home run. People will send your advertisement to other potential customers or hang it on their office wall and show it off to people who visit.  It’s not easy to hit this sweet spot, but if you do it’s well worth it!

One year, a company I worked for decided they wanted to create a series of cartoons to hand out one-a-day at a tradeshow.  Even though they were unable to articulate any humorous ideas that made sense and I had very little idea of what was funny for chemical engineers I went ahead and made them.

They weren’t even that funny, if you ask me, but maybe that’s chemist humor because even though we spent pennies on these hand-outs they were wildly popular.  We ended up making them into postcards and an online comic strip for the company website.

Funny doesn’t have to be unique. One of our comics was a diagram of a perpetual motion cat/butter toast engine and a line about how PETA would have a field day with the patent.  You jut need to present it in a way that appeals to your customers.  It’s ok if you don’t succeed at first, humor is cheap and fun!

Here are some links for inspiration:
Capital One’s Viking Commercials
Old Spice Guy
Career Builder’s Jungle Promotions
Groupon’s Writers (Have you ever read some of the outrageously humorous descriptions?)


Designer’s Challenge: Brainstorm for an hour for 5 days about humorous ways to present yourself and entertain your clients or potential clients.  Bring in friends, relatives and anyone at all to help give you perspective and new ideas.  Collect things that make you laugh, that make your friends and others laugh.   Hone a common couple of ideas and implement!

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