The Golden Goose Theory

b2ap3_thumbnail_ng1E8FUI’m a part of the Free Agent Academy, a fantastic group to join if you want to supercharge your launch into small business success. However, while you will find me raving about how amazing their system and service is and how great their community is, there is one point I would like to argue against.

The Golden Goose Theory.

This theory states that in order to become a success in a market, you have to find some sort of connected person and develop a relationship with them so they’ll open up all the doors you need to get your name out there. This is very much the “Oprah Effect” in miniature. (If Oprah loved your book and mentioned it, you should be prepared for the onslaught of popularity that turns you into a best seller overnight.)

While the Golden Goose Theory holds up in that yes, it works, I disagree with it.

We can’t all find Oprahs.

The expectation that we should be able to, the focus of just trying to find the ‘big break’, can pull attention from some very important primary marketing efforts that should be kept going as well. It is, pardon the pun, putting your eggs all in one basket. It’s letting your business’ success ride on finding one or two big people to make your name famous.

I can give you a for instance from a very popular guy, Dave Ramsey. I think it would be safe to say the man’s successful. Funny though, he was courted two or three times by Oprah and it wasn’t until AFTER he had scratched and clawed his way into moderate success that he was finally featured. If you’re interested to hear about Dave’s start from a card table in his living room, read his book Entreleadership, it’s a great read.

So if not the Golden Goose Theory, what do I propose?

The Seed Sewing Theory.  Which I’ll get into next

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