The Great Leap: Trusting the Customer

If you’ve been a long time follower of this blog you know I’m a big (un-sponsored) fan of Just recently I was brought into their new beta program “A Great Listen Every Time”. It allows listeners in good standing to return an audiobook they didn’t like and get a credit for another book of their choosing.


I mean I’m a huge fan of audiobooks and rarely run into a book I don’t like, but when I do, man do I regret having bought it. Up until now there was no way to get a refund. You’d downloaded the digital content, it was yours and you’re stuck with it.

Can people abuse this system? Oh yes definitely. Just like Zappos has customers who buy shoes, wear them for an event, and then send them back for free. But far more people hear about those crazy return policies, the amount of trust and respect the business is willing to risk and they spread the word.

(The irony that I am doing just that and therefore am playing right into their hopes is not lost on me. But here’s the secret: Happy customers won’t care. They will WANT to share the news and be responsible for turning other people onto a great service or product.)

I don’t know when this service will be available to everyone or how it will become fully implemented, but the point I wanted to make is that there are big rewards when you trust the customer the right way.

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