The Greatest In the World

Seth Godin often talks about how ‘the world’ is shrinking every day. Particularly it’s fracturing into various world. The world of hardcore gamers, the world of YouTube junkies, the world of elite fashionistas, the world of stay-at-home moms who also love couponing, the world of hot sauce aficionados…

With our worlds shrinking, becoming more specialized you have the ability to become the BEST in ‘the world’.

But what world?

  • The best female fabric artist who makes unique rainbow colored scarves?
  • The best two-day-turnaround computer repair shop that travels to your house?
  • The best blueberry muffin bakery in the city?
  • The best, most authentic, southern-style bbq in the north?


Don’t settle for cheapest. Conquer your world.

Once you’ve found your world (or perhaps two or three?) then reach out to their communities. They probably already exist. You just have to find them and open a dialogue with them.

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