The Hiring Process

“Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody!” – The Beetles

Possibly one of the most nerve wrecking things I’ve ever had to do was help with the hiring process.  There was a time when the family business was working on trying to phase out the owners, my parents, and promote the current staff to places of leadership.  As part of that, nearly everyone became a manager of their department and took on some managerial responsibilities.

I wish I could remember the book we based our interviews on, but sufficed to say it was a long involved process.  Typically we did a phone interview to feel potentials out, then brought each in for a 4-hour interview.  From there we have a list of questions and some practical ‘If this was a situation, what would you do?’ things we ran through.  It got us some of our best people.

We had one fault in this entire process: If anything we were too desperate.  When we decided we needed a special technician we would simply take the best option out of the batch of applications.  Sometimes this was still not a good option, it was just the best option we had.

I’ve since heard over and over that it’s important to be willing to wait, even at the cost of short term pain, for the real, right person to show up.  I would highly advise reading Dave Ramsey’s “EntreLeadership” which, from what I’ve heard described, has a very intensive and thorough interviewing chapter.

The book is coming out September 20th (I’m eagerly awaiting my copy) however you can also listen to a one-hour pod cast about Growing and Building a Winning Team which has some fantastic insights.

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