The New Year Hangover

hangover88% of New Years Resolutions are never completed according to a study by the University of Bristol.

For many people a resolution is just an admission of what hasn’t been happening but should. So I hesitate to suggest you make a resolution for your business’ marketing.

They’re easy to make, but very hard to live up to.

Instead of having resolution regret, a ‘new year hangover’, why not build a list of reasonable goals? Some might be ‘pie in the sky’ dreaming, but others might be very achievable things you can easily scratch off your list over the course of your year. Maybe you won’t get them all, but even getting half of your list completed will give you better long-term focus.

So ask yourself, if you had a magic wand, what things would you start doing today to improve your marketing? Write a list, don’t stop no matter how silly or redundant some of your ideas are. If you push for just 30 minutes and then fine tune it, you’ll have a list worth marketing by for the next 365 days.

Seems like one heck of a worthwhile investment to me.

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