The Poison Pen

You’ve heard it before but it’s worth repeating: Never send emails when angry. You may feel fully justified in writing an email that could melt steel, but nothing can undo your entire marketing strategy faster.

One woman recounted to me about a story where years ago she had spoken candidly about a man she had worked with. She did not paint him in a good light and he found out about it. What do you think that man recounted to potential clients of hers for years and years and years?

Even Abraham Lincoln, renowned for his calm and peaceful demeanor, wrote scathing letters –  it’s only human to be frustrated and try to convey such in the heat of the moment. However, let’s take a page from his book and never post those letters. In this case – don’t send any ‘vent’ emails you write. Put them away for three days, then re-read them. I nearly guarantee you’ll look at it in a new light by then.

Finally, you may be writing an email while angry and be trying to keep the negative tone out of your words. I warn you it will leak out. Just don’t do it. Send the email to a friend or coworker who knows you and isn’t afraid to give you a critique, and maybe a friendly ear to your woes.

Emails can be passed around fast, don’t let such things, especially from a company email address, be able to be forwarded from one client or vendor to others. The only way to stop such a viral negative campaign of cancerous bad will towards all your efforts is: DO NOT WRITE EMAILS WHEN ANGRY.

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