The Ridiculous Task

b2ap3_thumbnail_marketingchallengePeople love a good challenge, even though most won’t take up the scary eating contests several restaurants around Louisville have created. I suppose it’s no surprise there would be ‘eat our 10-pound burger in one sitting’ challenges. After all, it’s easy marketing.

For those visiting the restaurant it says “We make something BIG” and that very fact makes a restaurant remarkable. Of course anytime someone takes up the challenge, your business becomes the center of a special kind of gluttony theatre.

Ok, so perhaps my prejudice about competitive eating is showing, but the truth is whether we love or hate it, food challenges are a THING. They shouldn’t and aren’t ignored by many bold food places.

This picture is from a visit to the new Tom and Chee restaurant on Bardstown Road, home of the grilled cheese doughnut. I will say I had a lovely turkey, bacon and gouda sandwich with some creamy tomato basil soup, but I have no interest in eating 13 grilled cheese doughnuts… ever.

Did that stop me from grinning at the challenge shirt? Or from taking pictures?


That right there should be a hint of the marketing power of a ridiculous task.

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