The Selling Business Doesn’t Stop When You Close a Sale

There’s an illusion in our society that a sale is calling or meeting people, giving them a call-to-action and producing a purchase.  That’s really not the case.  Selling is everything your company does and says and is.

Yes selling does include marketing to new prospects, but how much greater is it to turn people into selling engines of their own as well as repeat customers?

Only in rare occasions is there no point in trying to get repeat business or new customers by word of mouth.  In fact, with our ever evening of the playing field between home business and big dog companies, word of mouth is gold.

How do you generate it?  By selling, even when you’re not Selling.

You’re selling when you calm down a panicked customer who just had a run-in with state auditors.  You’re selling when someone calls the wrong number and you help direct them to a place that can help them anyway with a smile.  You’re selling with what you wear and how well your product or service works.  You’re selling with special orders or how above-and-beyond you go when a problem happens.

You’re selling: All. The. Time.  Even when you think you’re just talking to a friend.  You don’t know when they, impressed with what you do, might mention you to one of their own pals.

So, get on your game face, and keep it on.  Or, rather, simply understand you can’t wear a mask.  You must be genuine, honest, sincere in everything you do because it shows through and it’s there when you’re selling… even when you don’t think you’re selling.

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