The Super Simple Guide to Winning at Marketing for the Small Business Owner and Solopreneur



One of the key secrets to succeeding in marketing is to let go of the inherent guilt at failing to succeed so far. In almost every client story I have, it starts with shame and guilt. We’re ashamed we let something drop, guilty for not having stuck to our resolution for the year.

Here’s what I tell them and what I’ll tell you: You have gotten to where you are by doing what you’ve done. There’s no going back and changing that. Accept and love that you’ve gotten this far as you have. Chances are you’ve done some admirable things already. Sure you might have let Facebook grow dust or your blog gather dust, but you’ve been doing something – so kudos to you!

Before we get into creating a marketing plan for the New Year, you’ll need to embrace the concept of “slow and steady.” As you might have noticed, that tenacious tortoise always wins the race. He never zooms at high speeds. He takes little, consistent steps. He doesn’t wear out. He plods along and he wins. I’ve heard something similar described in tactics for marathons or long distance hiking. Marketing is no different. If you plan out simple, small “do-able” steps every day, every week, you will see results.

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Even I’m guilty of occasionally forgetting to celebrate when I succeed in the simple “unsexy” work of day to day marketing. That’s why I’m so grateful for having someone who holds me accountable and asks “What are you doing to celebrate?” and reminds me when I’ve been knocking it out of the park that week. When I do, I find I have a lot more energy for the next week – I’m even EXCITED to take on the next week!

If you’d like to download a reminder for yourself and pin it up by your monitor, I’ve made a cute little flyer to remind yourself of the key points in this article: Love Yourself as You Are NOW, Embrace Slow and Steady, and Rejoice in Progress.

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