The Surprising Truth About Small Business Marketing


SecrettoMarketingCan a small business owner really keep up with all the evolving techniques in selling, online advertising, etc?

Renowned Social Media guru Mari Smith, after many years of cajoling from her peers, finally wrote a book explaining all her secrets in social media success. The book “The New Relationship Marketing” holds on very key, very amazing truth:

Marketing really hasn’t changed.

Oh, it might look like it has. It has a different skin, it has different delivery devices, but the real long term results marketing is the same as it has been for centuries. Every marketing technique from podcasting to blogging to social media contests are all built on the following age-old principles.

Relationships are everything. All marketing revolves around it.

Advertising, blogging, etc builds recognition (Hey, didn’t I see you at Suzy’s party last week?)

Just like in friendships, we have to first get to know a person. You don’t go from a single party to BFFs (Best Friends Forever or Biggest Fanatic Fans in marketing terms), heck in a single party your future BFF might not even know how much you guys will love hanging out! This is why we create so many marketing touch points. It’s why evolving techniques will continue to appear. They’re just new ways of making your job of reaching out and meeting lots of prospects much easier and automated

Interaction at networking events, online forums, social media and during your customer service builds trust (I feel like you really listen, thank you.)

Once you’ve met someone, a huge part of building a repor with them is learning about them, not just assuming by their clothing and their outward appearance who they are or what they’re looking for in a BFF.  What are they looking for in a new friend? What do they need in a business partner? Don’t treat people like commodities “Well you’re not a good fit for me or you’re not going to net me a profit right now” is an attitude people can smell even if you think you’re covering it up. Always strive to BE a good friend and you’ll find yourself surrounded with good people. Be helpful, give away advice, blog, offer to write articles for other blogs, etc. Now with social media and with services like Google Alerts, you can actually get alerted when people are asking questions you can help with.

Great service and helpful advice help generate word of mouth (James told me what an amazing tap dancer you are!)

Word of mouth, anyone will tell you, is the best source of reliable, ideal customers. Now in a digital age, word of mouth can be shared via social media, review sites, email and reblogging. I’m in a program called Uplevel Mastermind Academy and in the middle of the year long program, Christine Kane sent everyone a ceramic tumbler with her UP logo on it. I have lost track of the number of facebook photos I’ve seen with that cup in them. Everything from “Upleveling” their office space outside to “Upleveling” dinner. Do you think all those people’s friends are asking what Upleveling is? And because Christine has created a powerful service for her customers, you can bet they’re singing her praises every time someone asks.

So if you’re finding ways to reach out to a lot of people, get their attention, get to know them and show you care, and be of amazing service, then you’re doing everything you need to in your marketing.  If you think you’re doing all that and you’re not getting the results you want, chances are pretty big that one or more of these is out of balance. Maybe you’re over selling, getting lots of people to jump in, but then not performing well or not following through well and losing people as soon as they can escape. Maybe your customers love you but you don’t have a lot of prospects, which might mean you need to get out there and reach more people in a bigger way.

These aren’t easy questions to ask, but remember all the fancy “get prospects fast now!” techniques in the world can’t make up for following these age old principles.



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