The Twitter Buffer Has Died: Long Live the Twitter Buffer

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Twitter buffer I mentioned last week seems to have crashed and burned.  It’s ironic that it would happen right after my post, and I hope we weren’t responsible, but dang has life gotten more complicated as I look for a new alternative.

Since I already harped on being simple and straightforward, and that I loved that, I went searching for a new simple buffer.

What I found was not quite as simple, but certainly easy enough to use.   It is called Buffer and can be found at  What is cool about this is it doesn’t JUST work for Twitter.  It also works for Facebook.

There are two hurdles that, while simple to deal with, will probably throw the novice for a loop: 1) The time zone defaults to London and 2) Your buffer times are pre-chosen. You’ll have to go in to change each of these.

Both can be fixed in ‘Settings’.  You can add or remove times in the middle column.  To alter the time zone use the right column, but don’t forget to click “Update time zone” after you pick the new time!

You can add as many or as few buffer times as you want, and can make up to 10 buffers for free. (You have to pay to do more buffers.  I haven’t tested this yet, but I think it means you can have 10 buffers, not that you can only use the app 10 times.)

This could be handy if, unlike me, you schedule Tweets way… way in advance. Another feature is that as your buffer runs out, you’re sent an email reminder that you’re out of Tweets.

All in all, fairly handy and useful.

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