Think Warm Thoughts!

It takes a good designer to bring summer to winter.

Anyone can drum up visions of warm sunlight, a cool breeze and green grass during the season, but it takes a really good imagination and expressive ability to bring those feelings to a customer in the middle of a blizzard.

Many in-depth seasonal brochures have to be done so ahead of time, the season in question hasn’t even thought about groundhog’s day. If you’re having trouble putting yourself in a summer kind of mood, how can you convey, design-wise, summer to your clients?

Get into your seasonal mood! In this case, get really warmed up. Crank up the heat if possible. Draw the curtains so you don’t see the bleary outside. Turn on a beach movie. Pull out a picnic cloth and have a picnic indoors.  Go through old photos of summer-time antics. Close your eyes and relive your favorite summer memories.

If you can, pause your memories and look around. Drink in the elements of the moment – a dripping ice cream cone, a wet footprint on pool-side concrete, the shrill whistle of a lifeguard, the gentle lap of water, the welcome shade of an oak tree, the dance of light through it’s leaves.  Whatever the moments are for you, take time to examine them. Then quickly and precisely write out what you saw and thought about.

Repeat as needed until, when you look at your notes (or perhaps, doodles?) you have a clear concept of how to convey summer to your customers while you’re working on something in January.

As a note, this works for all seasons. Fall in Spring, Winter in Summer and so on. Many of us are so unconsciously sensitive to the seasons we might not realize how our color choices and habits shift.  The above are just a few ways to re-live the season you’re trying to convey. I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas!

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