Thinking of Being a Tease?

So you’ve got a new product, program or service that’s coming soon.  How do you drum up interest?  I’ve seen a lot of flops and a lot of great solutions to this problem.

One flop was when merging hospitals tried to introduce a new logo one element at a time on a billboard.  At first there was just a squiggle of a human. The next month the word ‘Human’ next to it.  By month three it said the full logo, but by then who was really paying attention to that boring billboard? Was it grabbing people with excitement? Did it entice customers with features THEY would be excited about? NO!

A great teaser would be Dave Ramsey’s Entre-Leadership book.  To begin with it’s a type of book his fan base have been asking for, for years.  Secondly, he lays out tips and strategies from his book freely in twitter and facebook and other media.  He even gives his tips away for free on the radio.  You know what? The pre-sales alone for that book have only skyrocketed with all his free information.  Heck, Dave may have written and spoke his entire book already in free pieces but people will STILL buy it!

A personal flop I experienced was in the decision to tease about a 4-time Olympic gold medal winner’s unique water-safety swim program coming to our health center.  The man’s name is not pop culture and his face certainly isn’t.  However, rather than touting the amazing stories of early childhood safety when kids fell into water and were able to stay calm and float until a parent could get to them, we touted “Lenny is Coming!” with a picture of the man.  No one cared Lenny was coming. But they started to care when the advertising focused on WHAT Lenny was bringing for THEM.

So keep that in mind if you want to tease. You have to generate excitement. Not your excitement, but your potential clients!  If your base doesn’t care, the tease only annoys.


Designer Challenge: Keep your eye open for teaser advertising that excites you and collect what you can. Try to analyze why the teasers excite you and replicate it for your next new launch.

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