This is Exactly What Good Marketing Looks Like

But Celia, how do we actually MAKE a tribe? How do we create such a loyal base of customers that they actually promote for us?

You amaze, astound and delight them, that’s how.

Let me give you a short story of why it is I love A few years back I was introduced to because they were offering the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people as a free book. You didn’t have to sign up for a plan or anything, just register. Well, that seemed like a heck of a deal, and I’d been wanting to read the 7 Habits but it was hard for me not to go cross-eyed with the book-format.

I signed up, downloaded the book, and didn’t buy another thing from them for several months.  I visited again when my computer had a meltdown and I lost all the books I’d purchased through iTunes because I hadn’t backed them up. At least I consoled myself that I could always go back to and re-download that one book.

On that day iTunes lost a customer and Audible gained one.

Six months passed and I one day got a mailer offering a free audible credit for signing up. Now, I was confused since I already was signed up and, sure enough, when I tried to use the code it wouldn’t give me the credit because I wasn’t a new member. I was a little angry with Audible for baiting me along and sending me something that wasn’t meant for me and I told them as much. They could have stuck to their policy, but instead they gave me a free credit for the trouble and mix-up.

Audible got a fan that day and I started talking about Audible to all my friends.

This week I had a bug with one of my purchases. The purchase had erred in my favor – giving me the book I’d wanted without removing my credit. Because I liked Audible a lot and believe karma has a way of catching up when you do sneaky things like allow bugs to happen in your favor, I sent a notice to Audible’s service team about the mistake. In about 4 hours they sent this reply:


Dear Celia,

Thank you for contacting Audible.

As per your email I understand there was a problem processing the purchase for the book “How to Stay Motivated”. First and foremost I apologize for the inconvenience this might cause. As an appreciation of your great honesty and loyalty, I’ve gone ahead and honored you the book for free, so you can go ahead and use your remaining credit in other book.

Let me know if I can further assist you in any other way.

Have a nice day!

Maria A

Audible Customer Support

The above is such an example of what customer service and developing a raving fan-base is all about I just had to share it with everyone. Despite Audible being owned by and therefore probably having a ton of red tape, they were able to not only respond in a hurry but also be generous and flexible about it.

Not only have they gotten my increased support, (And I’ve today bought 97 books from them) but also this long blog post promoting them – all because of my amazing experience with their service.

What are YOU doing to create a “MUST TALK ABOUT” service?

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