Three Ways to Get Your Administrative Assistant Marketing Your Business

1) Send them relevant emails that can be turned into blogs, Facebook posts, etc. Over the course of your week you answer customer questions, provide insights to friends and explain your business to prospects. Send that valuable information to your assistant. They can repurpose it and turn it into a blog post probably in under thirty minutes if it’s not too involved. Interesting links sent to friends can be posted on your business’s Facebook or Twitter page.

2) Encourage picture taking. When broken equipment ships in for repair, before and after shots make great social media marketing juice. Tradeshow pictures, chance meetings with customers, seminars, talks, building photos all make great material for marketing.

3) Give your assistant simple guidelines, goals, and then TRUST THEM. Nothing will hamper an assistant’s ability to genuinely market your business like being micro-managed or being deathly afraid of making a mistake. In fact, expect mistakes, but give them a chance to fix them. For more on this, read the classic book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, especially the Green & Clean story. I also recommend Zig Ziglar’s series on setting real achievable goals.

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