Three Ways to Write and Create SEO-Rich Content While Traveling

file00010680501061) Make a game of it. Purchase a mascot (think the Traveling Gnome of Travelocity) or make a sign (Guy Kawasaki’s Butterfly) and take pictures at each new location or anytime you run into something interesting. Tell a story of your travels and be transparent.

2) Take a page from the VlogBrothers and make videos while you wait in airport terminals and unwind in hotel rooms. This is not entirely stream of consciousness, some of it is simply getting out thoughts and ideas that have been running in your head, unable to turn into anything yet. No time to clip the videos together? Send the files to a professional at or to put together a cheap professional video for you with your raw video.

3) Turn downtime like waiting for a plane, resting in a hotel room, even driving, into content creation time. “Wait!” I hear you protesting, “I can type just fine in an airport or hotel, but while driving?! That’s irresponsible!” Not entirely. Spend an hour or two listening to an industry audiobook with the intention of writing some thoughts down when you get to your destination. Use your smart phone or another device to record your spoken notes or article ideas. This won’t always work, sometimes you can’t mentally focus, but if you just spend a few hours of your trip on the idea, you’ll be making content milestones in no time.

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