TMI Truck Rentals: When Memes Attack Marketing

Am I the only one that grinned at that brand name? Ok for those of you who don’t get the joke, I’ll spell it out: TMI these days stands for Too Much Information. It’s used when someone tells you something about themselves that you really could have done without knowing. It’s also used like this: “I went to the doctor today and … ah, well that’s probably TMI, but sufficed to say it was expensive and I feel much better now.”

I’m sure they were founded before TMI became a ‘saying’ but it does seem to bring up an interesting problem in our society.  What do you do when a meme turns what you meant a company to stand for upside down?

Some companies take it in stride.  For instance, when I try to visit the website for Meijers, you would think to go to however that gets you not to a mega grocery/department store website but to a fitness website for L.M. Meijers.  They have responded to this extra traffic by kindly putting an immediate link to which is often the place I really wanted to go.  That sort of patient helpfulness has really meant a lot to me.

When Brian Boitano became the unsuspecting hit in South Park’s “What Would Brian Boitano Do?” song, the famous ice skater decided to profit from the spoof by creating a cooking show on Food Network called “What Would Brian Boitano Make?”

A little more purposeful, the Droid phone had a series of R2D2 Droid phones made.

The end point is that you should try to keep up with memes when it’s relevant. Giving a wink and a nod to your target market when something funny happens – even if you didn’t intend it, helps your customers relate to you and love your company even more.

As an aside, I went to verify that TMI Truck & Equipment was indeed founded before the TMI meme boomed.  Their website is very nice, I recommend giving it a look see. I also recommend NOT putting up a website where every page reads “Coming Soon” like they did.  Really? Such a beautiful website and they ruin it by not putting in the content that they’re offering?

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