Twitter – Great as an Impromptu Communication Medium?

twittersouthwestAndrew Robinson, a reporter for Business First, published his story of a recent system-wide outage of Southwest Airline’s computers. All planes were immediately grounded but flight attendants couldn’t get information to the concerned customers because the system was taking time to get back up and running.

In a previous era, there would have been little to do but possibly call Southwest’s customer service system and wait in a long line of complainers to be told that no one knew what was going on yet.

But now? Now we have a very active, instantaneous information network.

Enter Twitter.

Robinson shares that he hopped onto Twitter to find southwest passengers across the nation posting updates as things occurred, sharing stories – connecting the entire group through the invisible strings of the internet. Long before Southwest could make an official announcement Twitter kept passengers informed through shared bits of information.

Who knew Twitter could be used for something besides updates on what you’re eating today?

Don’t underestimate the power of this media as a business. But notice that Twitter is not just about throwing 120-character ads out into cyberspace. If you understand it’s about connecting people, you’ll have much more success with Twitter.

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