Two Cupcakes, One Easy Choice

When I was growing up, cupcakes were a staple thing in our house. Boxed cake mix, muffin liners and cylinders of frosting were kept in stock at all times.  That said, our cupcakes were never anything fancy. The liners were functional; the frosting was lathered on haphazardly. It was about the taste – not the pretty.

Fast forward many years. There are now entire companies who just sell cupcakes. Designer, beautiful cupcakes. The website has responded with a ton of copycat do-it-at-home how-to guides for beautiful, delicious cupcakes.

I did not rise with the times. To me a cupcake was about taste and I didn’t need to impress anyone.  (If you’re seeing some marketing similarities already, good on you!)

However, recently my step mother’s oven broke down, the day before my father’s birthday. She was supposed to make cupcakes. She knew my style of cupcake making and she new my sister-in-laws style. Guess who she asked to make cupcakes? Yep, not me.

Was the taste at all different? They were beautiful cupcakes and tasty too. My cupcakes didn’t have a promotional leg to stand on, no matter how much I had wanted to be the one to make them.

I was given a chance at redemption, however, when my step mother’s birthday came up. Out came the boxed cake mix, out came the cylinder of frosting.  But this time? This time I lathered the frosting on through a zip-up bag with the tip cut out and I sprinkled on some dyed sugar. The effect was like a sugared smoothie that made it hard for people not to eat them!

It didn’t take a lot of extra work, but it made a huge difference.

What are some easy things you could be doing to give your service or product a little bit of panache?

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