Twuffer and How it Relates to Twitter

If you’re like me, you don’t have time to hop onto Twitter every few hours to make a post about your latest blog, product or news.  I’ve got a job to do and often that means ‘getting into the flow’ and suddenly it’s 5 and time to go home.  Oops! I forgot to tweet!

That’s not how it has to be, there are a lot of programs and plugins available for free that let you schedule posts ahead of time.  I use  It’s extremely, painfully, simple.  Which means it lacks a lot of the features other Twitter Apps offer.  However I love its simplicity.  I don’t have to navigate the ‘free’ portion of a site through a slog of ‘not free’ options that are greyed out or deal with confusing options that sometimes just stop working for no reason.

Twuffer works and it takes maybe a minute to set up my posts for the day.  To start you need a Twitter account (you have one of those, right?) and you need to have some content you want to promote.  Come up with a few ways to promote it that sound different and will include different key phrases.

Some of you coming in from Twitter will already know my tweet at 11 a.m. may mention how my post helps marketers while the tweet at 2 p.m. may mention how my post can help small business owners.  Same content, different tweet.

Next go to It needs your twitter login to go, but once you’ve entered it you don’t have to do anything fancy.  Just type in your tweet, pick a date and time and hit ‘Schedule Tweet’ boom, it’s that easy!  You can even post-date tweets if you forgot to post something a while back.

Twuffer has a few tabs. The Dashboard shows you how many tweets you’ve made through them, how many are scheduled to go out and how many have been sent so far.  Scheduled Tweets allows you to review tweets you’ve prepared and edit them if you want.   Sent Tweets shows you the tweets you’ve made. Fail Tab shows you any tweets you scheduled that didn’t go through.  Finally Settings let you change the timezone and the privacy settings on your twuffer tweets.

Again, super easy. I highly recommend it for those of us without much savvy with twitter and it’s apps.

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