Uh Oh! I’m Running Out of Books!

Actually that might be over the top. I am however slowing down on my book reading since the previous book reviews were mostly re-reads and I’m now back into new material which deserves to be read slowly, repeatedly and thought about.

This year I made a goal of reading two development books a month and given the fact I’ve already read 12 and I’m barely into February I think it’s safe to say I will be doing more than 24 books this year.  Last year I re-read 34 books from October to December which is, as you might have noticed, a blinding pace!

What has all this book-knowledge gained me? I have been more poised when dealing with people thanks to books regarding conflict. I have been more forward about problems and proactive in planning for them thanks to other books.  Even knowledge I couldn’t find a use for at the time I’ve subsequently been able to offer to others in casual conversation.  The book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud, for instance, was well loved by several family members and generated open deep discussion about relationships with friends and family members that might need improvement.

Of all the marketing books, well, you have been privy to many of the insights as I’ve tested them and posted blogs about them here on this site. I’ve pushed my beliefs of what marketing is and feel considerably more prepared and knowledgeable for a mentorship I’m volunteering for in a few weeks. At the very least, I wager, I know where to point people for good information should they ask.

I am pleased with the polished and refined me as of late and can’t help wondering what a little more effort will garner in manner of shine and shimmer.  Life is after all not about remaining stagnant, nor about perfection, but the pursuit of all things desired and the journey along the way.

So, as of this time, my book reviews will be coming less frequently and more posts on practical design and marketing advice will start appearing.  I hope to begin reviewing programs and services available to aspiring business owners looking for easy or low cost marketing solutions and talk frankly about a lot of terms designers use that may not make much sense to “laymen”.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012, thank you all for reading!

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