Update/Create Your Gravatar

I mentioned a while back about what a Gravatar is and how it works, but I want to go over it again because new programs are developing to take advantage of it. For instance my Hotmail/MSN.com email account now shows the Gravatar of every email address that sends me an email. It’s a lovely feature because it reminds me who I’m dealing with and allows me to scan stacked emails visually rather than looking for text.

Gravatar of course was originally developed and is still used great for blogging, commenting and some forums. It essentially is an online service that allows you to assign a thumbnail image to any email address you own. Then whenever you use that email address in a location that refers to the Gravatar service, it will ping Gravatar.com, find out if you have a thumbnail, and show the thumbnail if you’ve made one for that email address.

It’s very simple to do and update. Are you all set?

Visit https://en.gravatar.com/ to set yours up today.

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