Using Screen Capture to Create a Business Video

ScreenCaptureVideo_HowToA lot of small business owners I run into in Louisville, KY have reacted the same way every time I mention the dreaded “v” word: video.  They cringe away in horror, discuss those last five pounds they can’t get rid of, say their hair won’t be done for another week, insist they can’t possibly get in front of a camera and… so forth.

Today let’s discuss one very simple way to create great videos without having to share face time with your adoring fans: Screen Capture.

As of writing this, I’ve only recently taken the dive into screen capture videos, but so far it’s been an invigorating experience. Not only is it easier since you don’t have to memorize a script, but it also requires a lot less heavy tech.  Here is what I’ve learned so far about using screen capture for small business videos.

I’ve been using CamStudio. It has a small learning curve in setting up the correct codex, however upon installing it, the program links you to a 40 minute video tutorial that explains how to set it up. Be prepared for a little bit of trial and error with this program. I might try EZVid later to see if it’s more user-friendly.

That said, the quality of my video was astounding for a free screen capture program! I used a $10 microphone I bought maybe six years ago and it works just fine for this project. One item of note: start with a short test video to check the video quality settings and the audio. If your air conditioning or fans are causing interference on your microphone, consider suffering with them off until you complete the video.  A friend of mine created a Kickstarter video with his fans on and I couldn’t for the life of me hear half of what he was saying. It really degrade the perceived quality of your video if you have bad audio!


  • Record in short bites. Don’t be afraid to repeat a line or two and cut those bits out in your free video editor later. It will happen!
  • Consider creating a new User on your computer for this effort, especially if you plan to record your whole screen. This way none of your usual files will show up during recording.
  • Do prepare a script, even if it’s only bullet points. If you keep stumbling over a concept – write it out and read it word for word. No one’s watching you, so it’s not cheating!
  • During editing, cut out any long pauses or silences.
  • Be wary about adding background music in post production. You don’t want it to override your voice!
  • If you aren’t doing a program tutorial, you could create power point presentations ala a webinar and walk people through it with your voice over.

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