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Hello everyone! I’m out again on vacation as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, but I don’t want to leave you hanging. Below are videos from two interesting sites regarding marketing, running a business and using the internet as an advertising tool. I’ll be back on Wednesday, October 26 so until then, enjoy!



Bob Parsons is the founder of and the mastermind behind the controversial GoDaddy Girls. His videos have a decidedly masculine to-the-point flare that you might find refreshing.

Episode #45: Why successful people NEVER use these email accounts plus 9 other BIG do’s and don’t’s.

Episode #36: Four Facts You Must Know (If you’re going to sell anything)

Episode #33: The secrets I used to sell online and make millions


ReelSEO Video Marketing Guide

ReelSEO focuses on high energy advice on new web trends and how to best harness this potent marketing tool to your benefit – big budget or small!

Using Video to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Grow Video Views

Cloud-Based Video Editing is Here!

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