Want More Responses at a Tradeshow?

b2ap3_thumbnail_tradeshotrafficIt’s a sad truth about our social psychology that we tend to gravitate to places or things that other people are already gravitating. So does this mean you’re stuck when your tradeshow booth has zero traffic? Not at all.

Of course the first thing to do is compare your booths with the ones getting visitors. What are they doing that you aren’t? Can you modify some things quickly to better enhance your booth? If the successful booths have no table between them and the visitors, can you fold away your table? If they’re offering a quiz, can you Google some interesting riddles and start your own contest?

It’s amazing how useful some markers and some clean cardstock can be when you need to make a last minute adjustment.

Here’s another idea, get a few people to hang out and ask questions as spot visitors to see if having a visitor or two makes other people want to see if there’s something worth seeing at your booth.

If you have a business card fishbowl and no one is putting in cards, put a few business cards in yourself so that people won’t feel alone in putting in their cards and you won’t look quite so unpopular.

If all else fails, take your low response show as a learning experience and prepare to wow the next one.

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