We Love Interactive

  • The cooked-to-order omelet chef at a hotel’s gratis breakfast.
  • The chocolate fountain at a restaurant’s dessert bar.
  • The stage volunteer during a speech.
  • The Tupperware party thrown at your home.

We love to interact with everything. There’s a reason the above models have worked so well and become such amazing talking points and systems. When it moves, changes or otherwise allows us to alter and toy with a product or service we’re going to be more open to it.

It’s about becoming engaged.

You might think ‘I do accounting, this doesn’t apply to me’. How about a Facebook page where you answer accounting questions once a week? Or maybe a weekly live webcast where you mostly spend time interacting with the people in your chat room?

Maybe you think ‘I run a restaurant, this doesn’t apply to me’. How about a cookie decorating event or a cooking demonstration where you invite people behind the scenes and let them try their hand at some of the cooking preparations. Or at the very least, assemble-your-own fajitas or other interaction-based meals.

Maybe you think ‘I’m a designer, this doesn’t apply to me’. How about bringing a customer back to your computer and letting them watch you work in some of their ideas, see their concept take life before them and let them talk you through additional changes?

We love becoming engaged and there is a way to do that for every single industry.

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