Web Grader: What Works with My Websites Part 1


Hey, talk about a hurrah! We got a 95% grade for the site!  I attribute a lot of this to using Joomla and just having an epic ton of articles.  It helps that this site has existed and been linked to for many years by various other Jewish organizations, charity sites, and so on.

Even though we have three facebook pages (one for various programs) and a twitter account it only registered the main facebook page – probably because it’s the main one we have plastered on the front page.  I’m glad to see the RSS feed set up Ben insisted on is helping our rating as well and working properly.

A few amusing things: It noticed we use Google analytics, but not that we also use AwStats.  It thinks our site loads slow because it has 23 pictures on it.

Some things I will be changing include making a 301 redirect so that www.jewishlouisville.org and jewishlouisville.org register as the same website to search engines.

Other things I won’t be changing like adding metadata and page descriptions.  Mostly this is because of time constraints.

As a final thought, this site has a spot for Marketing Automation.  That’s something I’m going to look into later.

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