Are you frustrated with your current website?

Does trying to learn new software make you want to run away like your hair is on fire?

Have you “had it up to here” with websites you can’t easily edit and control?

What if I told you that a website doesn’t have to be a chore; it can be beautiful, effective at drawing in customers AND so easy to use that anyone who can edit an email can effectively edit their website?

Warning: Our websites may propel you into awesomeness

My client’s websites get regular responses, requests for more information and orders. Often these results hit as soon as the first week after our website launch, though my clients would tell you the real power comes in the long-run. Some client websites have even been publicized on television.

What would it feel to have a website that was easy to edit and that brought in consistent results?

Here are some of the problems my clients have had with past websites:

  • Wasting hours upon hours struggling to understand how to edit a page
  • Lost passwords causing old websites to expire or be inaccessible
  • Out of date security allowing denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Feeling like your money was wasted and worrying that all web designers are the same
  • Living with your website ‘held hostage’ by an old web designer
  • Fearing that changing your website will be hard, confusing and even bad for business
  • Feeling customer service just doesn’t exist

Here’s what I do differently:

One Complete Package

Your hosting, your domain, everything you need for your website is provided for a full year. No need to go jaunting all over the place or be victim to a designer’s ‘special server’ that may or may not be secure.

Total Control

You have full control over and will have all the information for your website so that if I suffer a major heart attack the next week (yikes!) you’ll be sad (I hope) but not scared, because you have everything you need.

Full Security

For a full year your website is secure: guaranteed. All plugins, CMS, and themes are updated for you to keep them hacker resistant. If something is compromised I fix it gratis as part of your package.

Search Engine Optimization

I’m not just asking what colors you want. We’re going to dive deeply so that your website is compelling, engaging, easy to find on search engines and gets you real results.

Down to Earth Training

You’ll get training. Oh so much training. Let’s start with your customized training manual complete with your passwords and logins in one convenient location. Next you get a hands-on screen-share training so you feel comfortable with editing your website.  If you forget, or have staff you’d like to train as well, our package include up to two more follow-up trainings over the year. You’ll never feel abandoned.

Does this sound like your kind of website package? Does the idea of having someone be your partner and cheerleader in website design give you gleeful goosebumps?

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100_GuaranteeOur Branding and Design 100% Guarantee

Growing up in a family where “average” is a cuss word, I hold our company to the HIGHEST standard. (It’s why we’re a BBB Torch Award Winner for Integrity and Excellence)

If you don’t like your branding or design work, we’ll happily make it right.

If we can’t make it right, we’ll happily refund your money.

Period. Guaranteed.

So let me ask you a question:

Are you ready to dive deeper and invest in your business in a way that will change everything you’d thought about online marketing?

If this excites you, or even makes you a little scared,
then you’re in the right place.

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Schedule your 'Get Online Leads Now' FREE 45-minute Marketing Clarity Call today.