What Have You Done to Unleash Your Child Today?

Some career paths lend themselves more towards keeping in touch with that untamed spirit that all kids seem to have, like artists.  Kids possess a limitless creativity, wonder and love of exploration that can keep them occupied with a cardboard box for a week.  They don’t need the latest gadget or even television to get them going (though they love both), they have not forgotten the power of the human brain.

Recently I was bargain shopping through the clearance isle of a store and found a plaster bobble head meant for a kid to paint and enjoy.  I used to paint all the time when I was growing up and still have a large collection of acrylic paints gathering dust in my closet.

I decided it was time I let my inner kid out and bought the bobble head, took it home and began to paint.  It was perhaps the most relaxing engaging activity I’d done all week.  I felt more energized, more open to creative thinking and ready to try new things.

In another book I’ll review soon, the Go-Giver by __ , there is a woman whose conference rooms are filled with pipe cleaners, finger paints, modeling clay and other seemingly silly non-adult bright-colored options to unleash creativity.  Last year I visited an ‘adventure conference hall’ filled with games, balloons and bouncy balls.  Both places are designed not for kids, but for adults – for stimulating ideas, creativity and solutions.

As adults sometimes the situations in our lives, our businesses, are so stressful that we get into a rut.   Watch a kid get into a rut.  They pout, huff and stomp for a while, but can suddenly pop into a good mood with positive energy when they think about that old toy car they forgot about under the bed or the bike they need to ‘pretend to fix’.

Be it Legos, modeling clay, painting, crayons or bouncy balls consider introducing things that unleash your inner child.  You might be pleasantly surprised on how new solutions begin to emerge or how differently you approach the next difficult meeting or project.

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