What If?

Every year, at least once a year, I recommend a brainstorming day dedicated to dreaming big. In this case, big marketing ideas. Maybe you can’t do them today, or even in a few years, but what I’ve found is they certainly will never happen without writing down those big ideas.

Many people will agree that writing down goals and dreams makes you more aware of opportunities that may come along to make those things possible. Hanging those written ideas someplace you see them every day will help keep you aware and watching for chances to go big.

It might be a happenstance conversation with a journalist lets you in on a special they’re doing on advertising in their big-name newspaper and he’s willing to cut you an even bigger deal. Or perhaps you want to get on TV and over the next few months you find out your friend’s uncle is part of a TV station and would love to do an interview to talk about one of your company’s specialties.

It won’t hurt to do the dream brainstorm and it can potentially open up great things for you and your company.

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