What My Cat Has Taught Me About Marketing: Make It Look Easy

Cats have a natural ability to make any surface, any sleeping position like the most amazing, comfortable and wonderful place to be. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a pile of cushions or a rock-hard floor hanging upside down over the stairs, they make you suddenly jealous and quite possibly interested in taking a nap.

That’s built-in marketing. Making a product or service look good, desirable and easy to use. It’s not about just saying it, you have to show it – and I don’t mean just in some video commercial either. I mean by a large herd of lounging cats.

That is to say: get fans, co-workers, employees, family and friends to show off and use your product or service in as public a setting as is possible! Imagine a trade show booth that hands out samples of the comfortable shoe inserts? The Apple iPod becoming famous for it’s white ear buds that no one could mistake for off-brand. Those shoes that blink when your kids run around. That lawn-care sign in your neighbor’s perfectly manicured front yard.

Find a way to get others to showcase your work. Make it look easy. Make it look desirable.

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