What My Cat Has Taught Me About Marketing: Never Stop Being You

My cat would flunk a flying class. In gym he would never make the swimming team. But give him a mouse to catch or a bird to watch and he’ll be a world champion.

No business can be a catch-all.  Sure, it might make sense if you’re a hot tub repair company to sell hot tub chemicals or accessories, but it doesn’t mean you should also branch out into porch building or house re-location services.

There’s a trap here, because people might see your tools or see your moving equipment and ask if you’d be interested in picking up the extra work.  A lot of small businesses fall into thinking that this is a good idea.  And sure, you might pick up some quick cash and maybe you need that to get off the ground.  However, let’s remember a cat WILL jump into water and swim for safety. He doesn’t make a living of it.

Don’t start thinking now you should advertise as a hot-tub repair, hot-tub accessories, porch building, house relocation company.  See how confusing your message gets?

A cat is a cat, and there’s a lot of solace one can take in a cat not being a dog, bird or fish. They’re predictable in many ways while still being interesting and surprising in others.  They remain true to themselves.

Don’t get caught up in the quick buck so much so that you lose sight of your company’s goals and purpose.  You’ll end up confusing people. Never stop being you.

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