What My Cat Has Taught Me About Marketing: Never Take the Customer For Granted

Every day I come home my cats are there to greet me. Sure they’re not dogs about it, but they’re happy to see me and are ready, immediately, for pettings and/or treats.

It certainly endears me to them, even on the days I’m only stopping in to grab a change of clothes before running back out.  Sure they don’t always get pettings or treats, but they wouldn’t get them at all if they didn’t take the time every time I came through that door to purr and meow and rub up affectionately against my legs.

We can learn something about marketing from my cats.

Appreciation and attention at every contact point, from the first inquiry call to the final customer service issue, is in short supply. Sure we might lay out heaps of sugar at the entry points of marketing like the first few phone calls or in-store hellos to a new customer, but what about after?

Retaining a customer is cheaper than getting new ones. Making a customer a big fan of yours can even become the most powerful marketing around: word of mouth.  You don’t get that through pricey direct mail or newsletters. You get it through simple, repeated, regular appreciation and attention.

Any places your company could be purring that it isn’t?

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