What My Cat Has Taught Me About Marketing: Purr

A while back I signed up with a personal trainer to get back into a regiment that would trim me down and make me a healthier person. She was fantastic, did a full evaluation, worked up a regiment and made sure I understood how to do each exercise.  Then she shook my hand and wished me luck.

This might come as a surprise, but I don’t have a lot of money, so I didn’t hire her to work with me every day of my regiment. Just enough to set me up and get me going. Some people need that everyday influence, but not me.

Interestingly, because I was working my regiment in the same gym as my old trainer was instructing other people, she and I saw each other a lot.  Our contract was over, I had made no further financial promises, but every time – even now- that she sees me there she gives me some sort of “atta boy”. Sometimes it’s just a thumbs up, sometimes she stops by and says how proud she is of her new super star.

She is so open and supportive, I find myself wanting to hire her again. I keep wanting advice on some of the ways I’m working a particular part of my routine. And I know very soon I will be hiring her again.

My cat could have taught me this.

My orange tom, Pooh, loves to purr. He head butts people, licks their hands and is generally a big fluffy ball of adoration.

Now Pooh wants something from me. He wants someone who will play with him and give him an unending supply of pettings.  While I, or any guests who stop by, can’t always oblige him it remains his most powerful marketing tool: Purrs for Pettings.

All that feel good love and comfort makes people WANT to work with you. It makes customers want to come back, want to recommend you, want an excuse to call you back or give a testimonial.

Be supportive, build a great relationship with customers, even ones that don’t seem to be big buyers.  You might just turn them into raving fans.

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