What My Cat Taught Me About Marketing: Being First Isn’t Always Smart

My cat, Pooh, used to have a brother from the same litter named Tigger.  Tigger was the wild child and Pooh is more the meandering type (as suited their names). This story takes place back when I lived with my family during college in a two-story house.  Mother had left an upper window open to let in some fresh spring air.

Pooh and Tigger decided that window might be a way to escape. They both leapt up to the windowsill and surveyed the porch below. This story was recounted by my mother who was on said porch at the time. Tigger eyed a slanted awning above a first floor window and leapt from the window to the awning. He hit the awning but instead of landing he skid, claws desperately trying to catch hold of something. Finally the awning ran out and Tigger fell another eight feet into the porch – much bristled and frantic but otherwise all right.

Pooh apparently watched the whole attempt from the windowsill and, eyes wide, backed out of the window into the house.

Marketing strategies aren’t always going to go right, but you can watch other companies to see how well their attempts are working without falling two stories to the porch deck to do it. Sure, sometimes you just have to leap to know, but other times observation can save you a whole lot of stress.

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