What You Must Know To Get a Successful Logo

b2ap3_thumbnail_contentrepurposeingWhenever you’re ready to create a new logo either as a revision to the old outdated logo or for a new company, service or program there’s are some puzzle pieces that need to be gathered for a successful, effective logo.

I have recently had several conversations with entrepreneurs in my hometown Louisville, KY. One was frustrated with their elected graphic designer because, despite excellent skill, the designer couldn’t “get” what the company was about. Another didn’t fully understand that a logo is more than just the picture; it’s the name of the company as well. Over all it reminded me that I’ve left out some important advice about developing your small business logo.


1) Collect samples of good logos you like and bad logos you don’t like.

2) Write out action words that describe the utter crux of what your business if offering. ECS offers calm confidence in a confusing world of regulations. Marketing Mechanics makes marketing fun and easy. These have distinct and different moods and a designer can take that and make good use of it in color, font choice and shape.

3) Know what you’re selling. If you want your logo to represent an umbrella of programs and companies, make sure you have already branded the other programs, services and companies. If not, the only option is going to be generic to account for all potentialities,

4) If possible, provide some promotional writing. This gives the designer an idea of the tone of your message and may yield clues you left out in your description of the company.

5) Know your designer’s aesthetic, it should match the type of logos you loved from exercise #1.


Good luck!


If you’re a small business in Louisville, KY and looking for someone to help you brand your company, contact me for a free phone consultation at (502) 365-5446 or celia@tuneupmymarketing.com.


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