What’s Important for Organic Search Engine Optimization?

b2ap3_thumbnail_keyboard2An old domain name.
The newer your domain name, the lower it ranks for most search engines. That’s because anyone can make a brand new website, but older more established sites rank higher in relevancy in most search engines’ algorithms.

Lots of keyword-rich content.
Yes, you should be writing at least one new thing a week for your website. Consider having some keyword research done for your company. Find long-tail keyword phrases like “how purchase install and build a WordPress website” instead of short-tail phrases like “wordpress website.” Google has an excellent free keyword research feature for this. Pick your keywords and start writing! http://www.googlekeywordtool.com/

Especially with Google owning YouTube now, video is not only a nice multimedia option for advertising your website, it’s a search engine optimization tool. Videos often rank higher than their websites, so make sure you make videos and give them good titles and descriptions that match ideal keywords for your website. You should add links to your website in the video description as well – not to mention a call to action at the end of your video!

Outside Links
The more helpful posts you put in forums, the more people share you on Facebook, Twitter, or even their own websites, the more search engines will rank you higher as a relevant, reliable source for their searchers. Be careful with this, don’t bloat with links posted through spam comments on blogs or try to trick the system by entering into one of those link bait websites that are all links. Your search engines are looking for these kind of illegal acts and will blacklist you if they find out you’re trying to “cheat the search engine system”

Lots more keyword rich content
Yes I put it in twice. It should be given that much emphasis! The more useful content you have not only will people reach your website sooner, but they’ll stay longer.

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