Who Has Influenced You?

b2ap3_thumbnail_brooksWhen I was in the 7th grade, my parents partnered me with my art and computer teacher as her personal go-fer after school hours. She was instrumental in encouraging me to develop my talent with computers and design.  At the same time another teacher gave me the inspiration to go from C+ grades to all As by my 8th grade year, the only year of grade school I ever made straight As. When I entered in college I interned under my uncle who was an amazing networker and I learned the power of human connections.

We all have people who shape our lives and give us influence growing up, but why is it we fall into the trap of thinking when we become adults we don’t need mentors?

For the first time in years I’m purposefully seeking mentors in the fields I’m not as great as I could be: politics, business development, P, networking, public speaking and so on. Even if I think I know a good amount, I’m learning that a mentor is amazing for giving insight I otherwise would miss.

I’m also learning mentoring others is astoundingly rewarding. Not only in a sense of pride and accomplishment but in connecting on a deeper level with people.

Have you mentored others? Who has the most influence on you? And is there a type of mentor you wish you had right now?

((Picture: Left, Me in Eighth Grade and my mentor Mrs. Brooks-Johnson. The people photo bombing before it was cool are my grandparents.))

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