Why a Good Graphic Designer Needs to Ask Marketing Questions

mfXkYUqThough I’m sure you’re not among them, many small business owners think a logo is little more than something that looks pretty on a business card. Indeed many logos do look pretty, but the especially effective logos aren’t just visually good looking – they’re emotionally attractive.

While any good graphic designer knows about color emotions, typography and appealing layout, many low-end designers forget to ask enough questions to match those skills to a desired outcome.

“Make it look sexy” is not a good direction.

“Make us look high-end luxury” is a good direction.

“I want it red” is not a good direction.

“We want our logo to feel romantic” is a good direction.

Learning about your specialties, age-groups, financial bracket, target audience, testimonials, etc can impact a logo. For instance if you’re about being low cost, the graphic might have dollars in it somewhere. If you’re about being clean, the designer might try to do something more crisp. If your demographic is older you might use a serif font. If it’s young you might use a sans-serif font. If your clients are more high-end then the logo needs to convey something different than low-end.

With that in mind here are my seven top questions I ask during branding consultations. I encourage you to answer these yourself, whether using our design services or another companies:


1) Who are your main types of customers? (Age groups, single/family, gender, financial situation, disposition, anything you can tell me.)

2) Why do they pick you over other companies?

3) What are the most common compliments you get from customers?

4) How big a company are you? How many employees? Family owned?

5)  What are the principles you stand for with your company and services?

6) You aren’t selling moving services you are selling…. ___.  (Is it hope, peace of mind, convenience, more time with family, supporting a charity, their physical health by not getting hurt trying to move themselves.. etc?)

7) What got you into this business?

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