Why Facebook Is Slowly Killing It’s Fan Base

logo11223365I’ve spoken before on how Facebook is starting to charge companies to reach their Facebook fans by only allowing a certain percent of fans to actually see any given post. Now there are some ways around that. Getting your fans to ‘add to Interests’ and to have them regularly ‘like’ and comment on your posts. This apparently by some voodoo of algorithms ensures those fans will definitely get your posts.

But who wants to do all that just to get updates from a Facebook page they already Liked? Of course that was when Facebook offered you to be able to reach more people if you paid money for each ‘promoted’ post.

Today I’d like to talk about the other, darker side, of these promoted posts.

They’re spam.

Yep, ever since promoted posts come out I keep getting these inane posts from Facebook pages that my friends have Liked. I can’t get rid of them. Even when I tell Facebook to ‘Hide All” I’ll find another post from THE SAME COMPANY a week later.

Promoted posts are spam. Worse they’re spam you can’t delete or opt out of except by unfriending whatever schmuck of a friend liked that darn page to begin with.

Start looking to learn Google+. I believe that as Facebook continues to make it’s interface more and more uncomfortable and clunky and inconvenient to use that you’ll see larger and larger migrations of ‘late adopters’ to Google+.

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