Why is LG&E Sending Us Free Light Bulbs?

b2ap3_thumbnail_lightbulbHave you been receiving free light bulbs from LG&E? Ever since I filled out my ‘yes please send me free light bulbs’ card three or so years ago I’ve been getting a steady trickle of new CFL light bulbs from our electric company. If you live in the Louisville area you probably are as well.

It’s part of a program to reduce energy consumption, educate customer on greener cost effective options and hopefully get people to buy more CFL bulbs. Funny enough I rarely need more bulbs so they’ve been supplying me with 90% of my lighting needs for three years, nice!

But have you ever stopped to wonder why?

My theory is that they’ve been battling the adoption cycle. There has to be a point in which more people are buying and using greener, CFL light bulbs in order to instigate the permanent change of preference in the entire city/culture. Malcom Gladwell writes about this sort of phenomenon in “Tipping Point” and Seth Godin converts the concept to marketing in his book “Unleashing the Idea Virus”.  (The latter book is 100% free for download if you’re interested, both great books!)

Are you currently struggling to reach your own tipping point? Can you focus your efforts on some small section of your product or service and speed things up instead of diffusing your efforts over a larger spread?

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