Why Vistaprint is a Bad Idea

b2ap3_thumbnail_VistaprinI love sending small business owners to cheap card printers like Vistaprint and Gotprint, but recently I’ve noticed a problem:

Everyone is using Vistaprint!

More importantly, everyone is using the Vistaprint business card templates. I first noticed it when I met a hair stylist and a ‘social media expert’ who both had the same dark brown card with green abstract swirls. Then I got handed a beautiful ornate green card from a jewelry maker and later from a interior decorator.

This is tragic! You’re not memorable if people are getting the same exact business card from other companies!

I get it, I really do. Paying someone to design a logo and design a business card isn’t cheap. It’s soooo tempting to use these templates that look so nice. But then you run into the problem that we’re in a society where small businesses account for more of our GDP than all of the Fortune 500s put together and that’s a lot of quantity there.

There are tens of thousands of small businesses in Louisville, Kentucky and New Albany, Indiana alone!

They all need cheap beautiful marketing and that includes business cards.

If you want to risk getting lost in the crowd, great go ahead and use Vistaprint’s templates. However if you want to actually remind people they’ve met you before when they look at your unique business card, then get a professional to design something.

You can still use Vistaprint or (my favorite) Gotprint, but upload your own designs, don’t rely on their templates if you can help it at all.

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