Word of Mouth Might be All You Need

We all know these days a personal referral from someone we trust seals the deal on any product or service.  Word of Mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool, but these days it seems like the Most Important Tool.  Why? We’re being constantly super-saturated with sexy, sleek marketing that half the time is a pretty piece of crap or just not as great the advertising would suggest.  Bombarded, we grab for the last bastion of safe input we can find: word of mouth.

Enter the entrepreneur.


You’re excited, fired up about a niche in the market you know isn’t being filled or just isn’t being filled well. Often times you will still need some design work, a brochure, website etc  just to get your name out – to give your audience a place to point other people to.

However, I recently had a wake-up call. I learned there are people out there making things happen without the help of people like me. They, as Dave Ramsey would say, wake up every morning, get out of the cave, kill something and drag it home. Sheer hustle and excellence in all they do makes it happen.

Marketing, design, sales is never meant to be a replacement for sheer performance of your service or product. It’s only meant to be a way for you to reach out to those who haven’t yet heard of you.  However, if you hustle like no tomorrow, you might be like the wood-cutter I heard of in my grandmother’s rural town.  I drove past this guy’s house a dozen times before I finally realized the place they were telling me I could buy good, cheap lumber ready for the fireplace.

He’s an older, retired gentleman who cuts lumber as a hobby and supplements his income (and probably keeps active) with it. His sign? A little 8×11 piece of wood with the words “Lumber for Sale” painted in black on it.  All the same, he’s never wanting for business.

Want to be the guy, gal, or company everyone knows?

Be Excellent and Hustle.

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