Write a Book Report

It’s not just for school kids anymore!

Back in October, I had a sudden realization that I could recall very little about the helpful books I’d so proudly been reading.  Oh, certainly, sometimes I would remember a piece of advice when someone needed a useful insight, but I couldn’t tell you which book it came from or who wrote it. So if I wanted to re-learn what went around that insight I couldn’t.

Since then, as you are all aware, I’ve been writing brief book reviews on all the books I’ve read. Well most, a few didn’t make the cut as useful to business or a little too radical for my tastes, but that numbers about 5 books out of 40+.

It has been an amazing effort. Sometimes difficult. Sometimes I have to go back and re-read a book because I get ready to write the report and realize I don’t know what to say. It gives a richer depth to each book and it’s information.

Now, I take notes! Now, I try out ideas to see if they’re worthwhile. Now, I’m more aware of my reading habits and more attentive as a listener to what is being said in my audiobooks.

Before I would often zone-out and let the words percolate in the background. This was fine when I was re-reading the same two books over and over again. Eventually the useful information will beat down the doors of one’s distraction and hit home – but why waste all that effort by having to keep reading to get the information?

Will there still be books worth re-reading? Yes, but they will be rich books thick with lots of pertinent information. Those just trying to hammer a few ideas into your head will stick the first time, or at the very least, the second!

So consider writing a book report on any development books you’re reading. Chances are, even if they are books I’ve reviewed, you will come out with a completely new view of the information inside.

Not sure? Consider trying it for 5 books. You’ll surely see a difference by then!

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